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Equity Depot is a private company based in Kennesaw, GA. The company was created and is managed by investors who have broad experience and knowledge in the real estate investor market. We like to say that our product was "built by investors for investors". Equity Depot was created out of a need for a better way to find profitable real estate transactions. The system we have built is centered on assisting investors in making better deals with less financial risk and doing this in a fraction of the time it used to take to sift through thousands of potential investments each and every month.

Equity Depot aggregates data from a broad set of qualified sources, pins property and owner information in a structured format and provides a unique on-line application to users. Our technology creates a custom application to access information that is only important to the investor using the system based on user criteria.

Equity Depot is a must to compete in this changing marketplace. Our on-line tool empowers you to quickly find high profit target properties and assess the financial risk to better manage your time and investment money. Each member has their own secure dashboard that allows them to track potential investment properties, access, and view or load critical research data, create list folders and develop marketing lists for mailing or phone campaigns.

The member dashboard also allows members to create custom alerts for anything from auction dates, change in foreclosure status, important tasks and deadlines. The advanced search provides members with the ability to modify save and delete their searches to keep cumbersome lists neatly organized. You can even email or print property information to give to financial partners, mortgage companies, real estate agent or to take to property auctions.

Management Team:

Equity Depot is managed by an experienced team. The team has a unique blend of experience in Real Estate Data and Investing.

Barry Bramlett, President and Chief Executive Officer

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