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The Equity Depot property locator engine gives the investor the ability to search our database for properties that best match the types of investments they want to make. No more fumbling through legal notices in the newspaper or with downloaded or printed lists. We deliver detailed data on current foreclosure properties as well as the ability to search any property in any county.

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Equity Depot provides the critical ability to analyze the profit and the financial risk associated with a potential real estate transaction. Use our profit calculator to determine how much you can bid or negotiate on a property and understand cash flows or profit from a quick sale.

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Equity Depot provides a proprietary and custom dashboard for each member.

Create and manage marketing Lists:

Equity Depot allows you to sort properties and create mailing lists to homeowners. The system also provides the ability to look up specific property owners through a quick search.

Set Alerts: The system provides an alert capability for setting up reminders for important tasks or updates such as meetings, scheduled repairs, or foreclosure status changes.

Property updating: With Equity Depot you can easily set up property folders and update a target property with new information such as repair cost, interest rate changes, or close the file all together.

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